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Welcome to the Map Room Conduct and Assurance Practice, offering comprehensive consultancy & specialist resource services. We specialise in assisting organisations in navigating the complexities of conduct risk, regulatory change, and delivering exceptional customer outcomes.

Over the last decade we have supported both UK & Global firms either through the organic enhancement of internal capability, control and resilience or through the ownership and resolution of complex regulatory enforcement actions. As a team, we have supported six individual firms with major regulatory enforcement actions, with 5 FCA led enforcement programmes successfully resolved and 1 PRA led action impacting 4 global territories.

With a focus on priority areas such as the FCA Consumer Duty, supporting vulnerable customers, financial crime prevention, fraud detection, and due diligence, we are your trusted partner in ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and fostering a culture of integrity to enable you to achieve your goals.

We have a unique style, we are Practitioner led and always do with, not to, your business. Our C&R team focus on understanding not just the technical requirements to support your business, but the people, culture and operating cadence of your organisation in order to create the greatest opportunity for success.

Our offerings:

  1. Conduct Risk Management:
    We help firms identify, assess, and manage conduct risk, enabling them to meet regulatory obligations and drive positive customer outcomes. Our expert consultants work closely with clients to develop tailored frameworks, policies, and training programs that embed a customer-centric culture and prioritise fair treatment throughout the organisation.

  2. Delivering Good Customer Outcomes and Supporting Vulnerable Customers:
    Our consultancy helps firms develop customer-centric strategies, map and analyse customer journeys and moments of truth, conduct vulnerability assessments, and implement tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of vulnerable individuals. By going beyond regulatory requirements, we empower organisations to build trust, enhance customer loyalty, and foster inclusivity.

  3. FCA Consumer Duty Compliance:
    Our consultancy provides comprehensive support in complying with the FCA Consumer Duty, a recently implemented regulatory initiative aimed at enhancing consumer protection, promoting fair outcomes and preventing consumer harm. We assess your current practices, develop robust policies and procedures, and deliver training programs to ensure that your firm aligns with the principles and spirit of the FCA Consumer Duty.

  4. Regulatory Change Management:
    Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our expert guidance. We help firms understand and navigate evolving regulatory landscapes, conduct impact assessments, and implement necessary changes to ensure compliance. Our consultants have a deep understanding of industry regulations, such as FCA sourcebooks (MCOB, BCOBS, CONC, SYSC etc), GDPR, and PSD2, and provide strategic insights to drive efficient and effective regulatory change management.

  5. Financial Crime Prevention and Fraud Detection:
    Safeguard your organisation from financial crimes and fraudulent activities. We offer robust financial crime prevention strategies, including anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF), and sanctions compliance. Our experts conduct comprehensive risk assessments, implement advanced detection tools, and develop tailored controls to protect your organisation’s reputation and financial well-being.

  6. Due Diligence Services:
    We provide comprehensive due diligence services, including vendor, customer, mergers, and acquisitions assessments. Our rigorous analysis, supported by extensive research and data insights, enables you to assess potential risks, identify red flags, and make timely and informed business decisions.


Why choose us?

Our expertise:

FCA enforcement programme and remediation delivery

PRA enforcement programme delivery


Customers in Financial Difficulty (Collections)

Vulnerable Customers

Fraud, Financial Crime and AML



Outcome Testing

QA / QA and Training & Competency

We also specialise in a range of overarching assurance activities including:

Portfolio acquisition due diligence

Supplier / Vendor oversight

Skilled Person review activities

1st and 2nd LOD Operating Model

Governance review and design

Enterprise Risk Framework design and implementation

Risk Operating Model

Independent 1st or 2nd Line Oversight Assurance

For more information via a friendly chat, Contact our Conduct and Assurance team to see how we can support you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. With our industry expertise, comprehensive approach, customised solutions, and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in achieving regulatory compliance, mitigating risk, and driving sustainable success.