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Welcome to Map Room Consulting’s Resourcing and Recruitment team.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the success of your organisation relies on the calibre of the workforce you are able to engage. At Map Room Consulting we offer an exceptional Resourcing and Recruitment solutions, whether large or small, ensuring that your operation can achieve its strategic aims, or reconcile its problems.

At Map Room our ethos is a little different. We are focused on building lasting relationships and supporting our clients in the long term. This means not every conversation is a lead, not every opportunity is something to be chased down and not everything we do has to be monetised. We are confident enough in our knowledge and experience to share insight if it assists our partners.

Our collaborative and transparent process begins by understanding your specific needs. At Map Room understanding the culture, direction, and aspirations of the business we are supporting is paramount in ensuring we deliver the appropriate solution.

Versatility in Deployment

We provide the flexibility to deploy talent on a permanent or interim basis, whether working on-site, remotely, or from our locations.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

Our blend of industry insight, regulatory knowledge, and recruitment expertise equips us to meet your needs seamlessly in specific areas such as:

  • Financial Crime and Fraud Prevention
  • Complaints and Customer Services
  • Regulatory and Operations
  • Collections and Remediation
  • Business Assurance
  • Past Business Review
  • Claims Processing
  • Outcome Testing

Partner with Map Room Consulting to create a dynamic, high-performing workforce that propels your organisation to achieve it strategic goals.  

What awaits you with Map Room consulting?

Quality Resource:
Our team of resourcing professionals and a network of skilled, and proven associates ensures that your talent needs are expertly met.

Speed and Flexibility:
Our operational expertise allows us to swiftly scale resources to meet planned or unplanned activity, ensuring consistent quality.

Tailored Solutions:
We collaborate closely with you to understand your business and customise solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Commercial Value:
Our flexible cost structure replaces fixed costs, providing a range of pricing models that suit your needs and reduce ongoing capital investment.