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In the event that regulatory concerns arise regarding your historical business practices or if there is a suspicion that certain elements of your products or processes may have inadvertently affected consumers, embarking on a comprehensive review becomes imperative.

This comprehensive assessment not only uncovers the root causes of these issues but also empowers us to take decisive actions towards remediation. At Map Room Consulting, we are your trusted partners in navigating this critical process:

  1. Assess
    Our team of experts specialising in regulatory and conduct risk will perform a neutral and thorough evaluation, providing you with a clear understanding of the array of options available to your organisation. With extensive experience in fostering effective and constructive dialogue with regulators, we ensure a productive engagement when required.

  2. Identify
    Precision in identifying the impacted customer base is paramount in quantifying the issue and grasping its implications for your business. We meticulously maintain audit trails that substantiate every facet of the identification process, including the rationale behind any exclusions made.

  3. Strategise
    Our core objective revolves around delivering a cost-effective, fully compliant, and proportionate approach to reviewing and remediating past business practices. Map Room Consulting will offer tailored recommendations on the optimal mix of human resources and technology, aligning with your specific needs. This could encompass outsourcing or a dedicated ringfenced model.

  4. Remedy
    Gaining a clear understanding of the requisite remediation steps and ensuring favourable outcomes for customers are pivotal goals. We provide bespoke management insights to provide you with a comprehensive view of project performance, all while maintaining a robust governance framework.

By adhering to these strategic phases, Map Room Consulting is equipped to address any concerns flagged by regulators, proactively minimise any potential harm to consumers, and guarantee that your website and services meet the highest benchmarks in regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in remediation lays the groundwork for the future success of your organisation.

Welcome to our remediation consultancy services tailored specifically for the regulated sectors.

We specialise in providing strategic solutions and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of remediation within regulated industries. Our expertise and experience enable us to deliver comprehensive and effective remediation strategies, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and sustainable success for financial institutions.

Let us assist you in addressing challenges, optimising processes, and achieving your remediation goals effectively.